Plasmodium (Malaria Parasite) – Classification, Life Cycle

Plasmodium belongs to the class of telospora which comes under phylum protozoa. There are many species of plasmodium present. Amongst them plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax are main. These are responsible for causing malaria in human body. In this lecture, I would explain about this malaria parasite in detail. I would also explain the life … Read more

What is a Cell? Definition, Structure, Cell Theory, Types

Cell is basic fundamental unit of life or it is the structural functional unit of life or it is the smallest unit of life. Brief History on Cell Theory Let’s first discover something about cell theory. Let us go through its history a bit. Sir Rudolf Peter said, “The living cell is the most important … Read more

What is Spermatogenesis? | Process of Spermatogenesis

Spermatogenesis is a complicated process that occurs in the seminiferous tubules of the testis of animals. Image below shows a typical sperm of a frog and a rabbit. Also Read: What is Gametogenesis and it’s significance? Process of Spermatogenesis It happens in two steps: In the first step, spermatids are produced. In the second step, … Read more

Protein Synthesis – Definition and Step-by-Step Mechanism

Protein synthesis is the process by which a cell makes protein. : <-Definition In this article we would be knowing about how synthesize of protein take place in animal cell. Also, I would be guiding you through the process or mechanism of protein synthesis, role of protein, the relation of DNA for the synthesis and … Read more