Genetic Code – Definition, Characteristics, Codon Table

Genetic Code

Genetic code, the sequence of nucleotides in DNA and RNA that determines the amino acid sequence of proteins. In this article, we would be knowing all genetic code, its definition, characteristics, codon table, and much more. Let dive into it. Introduction to Genetic Code DNA is the genetic material. It carries genetic information from one … Read more

Nucleic Acids (DNA, RNA) – Definition, Function, Examples

Nucleic acids are the biomolecule that are formed in the nuclei of all living cells in form of nucleoprotein or chromosome. :- Definition The nucleic acids are complex molecules having very high molecular weight. They are so named because they mainly occur in the nucleus. They also occur in the cytoplasm, but not in appreciable … Read more

Aves (Class)- Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Aves (Birds) are warm-blooded animal belongs to phylum Chordata and kingdom animal. General Characteristics of Aves The members of Class-Aves are commonly known as birds. They are warm-blooded vertebrates with an exoskeleton of feathers. The forelimbs are modified into wings for flight. The hindlimbs are adapted for walking, perching or swimming. Skin glands are absent … Read more

Mammalia (Class)- Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Mammalia are a group of animal belong to phylum chordates that possesses mammary gland or breast. Also there are warm-blooded animal that produce or give birth to young ones. General Characteristics of Mammalia (Class) The members of Class–Mammalia (L. Mamma = breast) are characterized by the presence of mammary glands. They are warm blooded animals. … Read more

What is a Gene? – Definition, Gene Action, Nature of Gene

What is a Gene - Definition, Gene Action, Nature of Gene

Gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity that are made up of DNA. In this article I would be answering queries related to Gene. The following concept is to be cleared: What do you mean by Gene and the chemical nature? How does gene act? Modern concept and theories on genes Factors … Read more