Epithelial Tissue – Definition, Types, Functions and Diagrams

Epithelial tissue forms the covering on surface. It forms the covering of all body surfaces, line body cavities and hollow organs, and are the major tissue in glands.  Definition of Epithelial Tissue The word ‘epithelium’ means a covering. The epithelial tissues cover the surfaces of the body (both outer and inner) and hence the cells … Read more

Aves (Class)- Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Aves (Birds) are warm-blooded animal belongs to phylum Chordata and kingdom animal. General Characteristics of Aves The members of Class-Aves are commonly known as birds. They are warm-blooded vertebrates with an exoskeleton of feathers. The forelimbs are modified into wings for flight. The hindlimbs are adapted for walking, perching or swimming. Skin glands are absent … Read more

Mammalia (Class)- Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Mammalia are a group of animal belong to phylum chordates that possesses mammary gland or breast. Also there are warm-blooded animal that produce or give birth to young ones. General Characteristics of Mammalia (Class) The members of Class–Mammalia (L. Mamma = breast) are characterized by the presence of mammary glands. They are warm blooded animals. … Read more

Reptilia (Class)- Classification, Characteristics, Examples

Reptiles are the first land animal vertebrates belongs to animal kingdom. Characteristics Features of Reptilia Class Reptilia (L. Reptilia = creeping) includes animals that are cold-blooded (poikilothermal) and terrestrial or aquatic tetra-pods.  The body is covered with body epidermal scales or scutes. The skin is dry and glands are absent. Limbs are tetrapodous and pentadactyl, … Read more

Amphibia (Class) – Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Amphibians are cold-blooded tetrapod vertebrae belong to animal kingdom. General Characteristics of Amphibia The representative of Class- Amphibia well both on land and in water, i.e., are amphibious. They are cold-blooded (poikilothermal) vertebrates. Skin is smooth, scale-less, rich in glands that keep it moist. Autostylic jaw suspension. Skull articulates with the atlas by two occipital … Read more

Pisces (Fishes)- Characteristics, Classification, Examples

Pisces are marine animal that are truly jawed vertebrates.–> Definition In this article we have covered everything related to Pisces, from characteristics to examples. Let’s dive right into the characteristics features of Pisces. General Characteristics Features of Pisces Aquatic, either fresh water or marine, cold blooded vertebrates. The skin is covered with scales, dermal denticles … Read more