Metamorphosis of Frog (Tadpole Larva)

Metamorphosis is nothing but the changes that occur during a life cycle of an animal. Hence, during the metamorphosis period of a frog (tadpole), the egg first hatches into a tadpole which then develops legs, and at last, it will develop into a full-grown frog! Anurans (a tailless amphibian of the order Anura) include frogs, … Read more

Fertilization – Definition, Type, Process, Importance, Significance

Fertilization means the process of union of the male gamete or sperm with the female gamete or ovum. The process is irrespective/independent of the relative structure, behavior, and nature of the gametes. The ovum carries the maternal hereditary information and it is small and passive. On the other hand the sperm bears the paternal genetic … Read more

Gastrulation – Definition, Process and Post Development

Gastrulation means all processes and events that transform a blastula into a gastrula. Besides the formation of the archenteron, this process also involves the formation of 3 primordial germ layers which are ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. According to Balinsky(1970), “The process of gastrulation involves displacement of parts of the early embryo, in which the single … Read more